• KDD Cup 2020 Challenges for Modern E-Commerce Platform: Multimodalities Recall

    Nowadays, the demand to facilitate an effective semantic understanding and retrieval of multimodal contents keeps emerging. This track focuses on query-based product image retrieval for modern e-commerce system.

  • KDD Cup 2020 Challenges for Modern E-Commerce Platform: Debiasing

    Learning from logged data is prone to exploitation and can lead to severe Matthew’s effects, especially with short-term goals such as CTR. This track focuses on bias reduction when learning a recommender system.

  • 智慧物流:新冠期间饿了么骑士行为预估


  • 淘宝直播商品识别大赛


  • 零基础入门数据挖掘 - 二手车交易价格预测

    本次赛事是Datawhale与天池共同发起的零基础入门系列赛事第一场 —— 零基础入门数据挖掘-二手车交易价格预测,赛题以二手车市场为背景,要求选手预测二手汽车的交易价格,这是一个典型的回归问题。

  • IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 3D AI Challenge: Image-based 3D Shape Retrieval

    In this challenge, participants are required to retrieval the corresponding 3D shape given a 2D query image. We expect to foster the development of shape retrieval methods that are robust to slight occlusions and changes in diverse complicated surroundings.

  • IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 3D AI Challenge: 3D Object Reconstruction from A Single Image

    In this challenge, participants will reconstruct a 3D shape from a single RGB image. The objects contained in the input RGB images may slightly occluded or patrially incompleted.

  • IJCAI-PRICAI 2020 3D AI Challenge: Instance Segmentation

    In this challenge, participants are required to label each foreground pixel with the appropriate object and instance. We include this challenge because it will motivate vision based image generation, thereby improving relevant industrial production chains, for example by partially reducing the requirement for expensive 3D rendering.

  • CVPR2020 AliProducts: Large-scale Product Recognition

    The widespread use of computer vision methods in the retail industry has sparked a new set of challenges, such as the difficult task of correctly distinguishing between a large number of products, especially when the products are quite similar.

  • 阿里云弹性计算自动化部署及运维模板挑战赛


  • 天池大赛