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    FDDC2018Financial Algorithm Challenge

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Quarterly Revenue Forecast for Public Companies 

in A-Share Main-Board Market


There will be three phrases of the competition: Preliminary, Semi-Final and Final Defense. The deadline for registration is 22:00 on June 30th(UTC+8);See the following instructions:

Preliminary (May 18 - August 6, UTC+8)

1. After successful registration, contestants can download the datasets from TIANCHI and get instruction of standard development environment, including supported development languages, machine learning algorithm packages and tools. Each team needs to self-build the environment and debug algorithms locally, then submit results online.

2.During the preliminary round, each team needs to forecast the second-quarter revenue of all public companies in main-board market (Exclude companies with special treatment, major mergers & acquisitions or long-time suspension); the organizers will provide relevant historical financial data as well as macro, market and industrial data for contestants to develop algorithms and models. The score of preliminary and the qualification to enter semi-final will be determined by the cumulative relative error between the contestants’ results and the financial reports released before 22:00 on August 5th .

Note: The contestants are allowed to use their own data as long as they are willing to share it with other teams: the contestants must upload their own datasets on TIANCHI “Forum” before 22:00 on June 15 and create a post with a simple description of the data. Title Format: FDDC 2018 Financial Data Discovery Competition - xx Team Public Data)

3. Preliminary Round-Phase I: May 18 12:00 - July 15 22:00.
Each team will start building models offline to forecast revenues of the designated companies. At this phase, results can be submitted multiple times a day, and the new version will overwrite the old version. Prior to the deadline, each team needs to upload the forecast results of all companies at least once, otherwise the team will be counted as abstentions.

4. Preliminary Round-Phase II: July 16 12:00 - August 5 22:00.
The second-quarter earnings will be released throughout this period, and the platform will continue to perform evaluations and rankings. All teams will get one chance to update the forecast results before the designated time (12:00 of July 22). The system will update the ranking based on the evaluation criteria every Thursday at 12:00(12:00 of July 19,12:00 of July 26).The rankings will be shown from the highest to the lowest.

5. Preliminary Results: The preliminary evaluation will be based on the financial report published before 22:00 on August 5th and will be evaluated at 12:00 on August 6th. The latest submission before the designated public companies’ earnings release will be recorded. (i.e., for the public companies that release the financial statements from 15 to July 22, the result submitted on July 15 will be counted. Likewise,companies that announce earning from July 22 to August 5, the result submitted on July 22 will be counted), The ranking will be updated from the highest to the lowest according to the evaluation metrics.

6. Code Verification: August 6 12:00 - August 7 at 22:00.
The TOP 120 teams must submit source codes for verification (this code should be able to generate the latest submitted results). Contestants who have only performed with manual annotation but not algorithms will be removed. The top 100 teams that
meet both qualifications of competition results and identity verification will be able to enter the semi-final round (Verification steps: TIANCHI official website – Personal Centre – Verification – Alipay Identity Verification). Verification must be completed before 22:00 on August 5, otherwise the qualified teams will be unable to enter the semi-final).

Semi-Final (August 8 - August 24, UTC+8)

1.Contestants who enter semi-final must fine-tune the program on the platform to complete the full cycle of data processing, modeling, computation, and output reporting. The results generated from the program that running on the platform will be evaluated and scored. (Python 3.6 running on Alibaba Cloud ECS with CentOS 7.4 operating system)

2.About 600 companies will be designated for the contestants to do the forecast. The score of semi-final and the qualification to enter the final will be determined by the financial reports released before 12:00 on August 24rd .Companies that do not publish financial report before the competition deadline will not be counted.

3. Semi-Final Phase I: August 8th 12:00 - August 10th 22:00. The local program should be transferred to the Tianchi platform. Contestants need to perform debugging to ensure that the program can successfully run. No changes are accepted after the deadline of this phase. The programs that fail to run are deemed as abstentions.

4. Semi Final Phase 2: August 11 12:00 - August 24 12:00. The organizing committee will run the submitted program and generate forecast results. The system will perform the evaluation every Friday at 12:00 (i.e. two evaluations will be conducted on August 17 and August 24 at 12:00). The results will be ranked from highest to lowest.

5. The final rankings will be announced at 12:00 on August 24th. After this phase, the TOP 10 team will be required to submit the source code for verification. After passing, the TOP 5 team will be invited to participate in the final.

Final (August 29 - August 30, UTC+8)

1. The Final will be conducted in the form of on-site presentation session. Contestants must prepare the materials for the idea defense in advance, including PowerPoint, contest review, and the core algorithm code.

2. The travel expenses for the finalists will be covered. Further notice will be announced.

3. During the defense session, each team will have 15 minutes for presentation, and 10 minutes for the Q&A session. The judges will grade based on technical knowhow, levels of theory understanding, and on-site performance.

4. The Final scores will be weighted based on each team’s performance of both forecast modelling and presentation. Scores of Semi-final phase II will carry 70% weight in the final scores, whereas scores of Final will carry 30%. Award Ceremony will follow.

1st place - 250k RMB
2nd place - 100k RMB
3rd place - 50k RMB
Most Innovative Team - 10k RMB
Most Promising Team – 10k RMB
Teams participating on the Final will be awarded with certificate, and will also be invited to a meeting hosted by the organizers for in-depth communication, and may have chance to be recruited directly by executives from top funds and tech companies.