Name Area Attribute Types Evaluation Year Provider
IJCAI-15 Competition E-commerce Mixed Without 2015 Tmall
REC-TMALL E-commerce Mixed Without 2015 Tmall
Ali_Mum_Baby E-commerce Mixed Without 2015 Taobao & Tmall
Ali_Mobile_Rec E-commerce Mixed With 2015 Alibaba
IJCAI-15 Dataset E-commerce Mixed With 2015 Tmall
Purchase_Redemption_ Finance Mixed With 2015 Ant Financial Services
Intelligent_Transpor Transportation Categorical Without 2015 Guizhou Province
Sina_Weibo Social Sciences Categorical Without 2015 Weibo Corporation
Taobao_Clothes_Match E-commerce Categorical Without 2015 Alibaba
IJCAI-16 Dataset E-commerce Mixed Without 2016 Ant Financial Services
Last_Mile_Rush OR Mixed Without 2016 CaiNiao Networks
ALI-KBQA NLP Mixed Without 2017 Alibaba Group
Query_User_Item_Ai4b E-commerce Mixed Without 2017 Taobao Search
Tianchi_Auction_Cate E-commerce Categorical Without 2017 Taobao Search Algorithm
Ali_Display_Ad_Click E-commerce Mixed Without 2017 Alimama
OneID E-commerce Mixed Without 2017 Deep Algorithm Alibaba