Cainiao is committed to helping the logistics industry reduce costs and increase efficiency with the aid of cutting-edge technologies such as internet of things (IoT). Through this top global technology competition, we are bringing together all the technical elites and new force to lead the innovations in logistics.
This year, the challenge is titled "intelligent volume measurement", which aims to make the logistics industry smarter by digitizing the most fundamental logistics elements.
Weight and volume are the most basic elements in logistics. Nowadays, it is very easy to obtain the weight information. However, the acquisition of volume information is faced with problems such as low efficiency, high costs and poor accuracy, which make it hard to develop volume-based applications.
If the length, width and height of an item can be measured precisely with just a smartphone, the logistics landscape will go beyond imagination.
Proposals for the qualifiers and the semifinal can be submitted online. The top 10 teams in the semifinal will participate in the final at the Global Smart Logistics Summit 2019.
The competition is open to everybody. Teams from universities, research institutes, enterprises and startups are all welcome to register. Cross-disciplinary team-up is encouraged.
   Each participant can only be in one team; if it is a multi-participant team, a team leader responsible for communications should be designated.
   Employees of the competition organizer and staff members of the competition who are directly involved in the organization and review process of the competition are not allowed to participate in the competition. Other employees of the organizer are allowed for ranking in the competition but excluded from the assessment and rewarding process.
   After the semifinal, team changes such as re-teaming and member addition/removal will not be allowed.