• Artificial intelligence has become an important momentum of current information technologies and high-end development of future science and technologies. Zhejiang Lab Cup Global AI Competition 2018, co-organized by Zhejiang Lab, AI TOP30, and Artificial Intelligence Industry Alliance (AIIA), consists of both innovative and entrepreneurial projects. The competition welcomes participation of talents from academia, industry and business, with Zhejiang Lab-Alibaba Cloud TIANCHI platform as the only competition platform.

    Announcement: The competition is a nonprofit, non-commercial competition, aiming to promote the development of artificial intelligence, and to provide a platform for individuals to research and study.

  • Innovative Projects: All prize winners will share a prize pool of CNY 2.68 million, among which the first prize of a single problem will reach up to CNY 500,000. Prize winners will also be supported with the research funding ranging from CNY 1-5 million, a measure to inject power into innovation.

    Entrepreneurial Projects: All prize winners will share a prize pool of CNY 1.6 million and enjoy project grants of tens of million, which will help to lay a solid foundation for entrepreneurship.Besides, all prize winners will be entitled to the following privileges: allowance for travel expenses to address your worries; the express to Zhejiang Lab’s interview, a step closer to success; internship opportunities to gain a better starting point; participation in Zhejiang Lab’s talent club, entering a higher and broader platform for your development.

Sole Competition Platform—ZhejiangLab Tianchi Alibaba Cloud

This competition is open to all. People from institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, enterprises and maker teams, as well as individuals, can all sign up for the competition, with an upper limit of 5 people for each team. Participation of personnel involved in organizing the committee of competition problems from organizing units of this competition is prohibited.