3D-FRONT: 3D Furnished Rooms with layOuts and semaNTics

Huan Fu1   Bowen Cai1   Lin Gao2   Lingxiao Zhang2   Rongfei Jia1   Binqiang Zhao1   Hao (Richard) Zhang3

1Alibaba-inc    2ICT,CAS    3Simon Fraser University



The community has put tremendous efforts into 3D object modeling over the past decade, and has achieved many impressive breakthroughs. However, the progress of 3D scene understanding does not meet industrial expectations, especially for some aesthetically inspired studies such as layout perception and exquisite interior design. One of the main reasons is that there is no well-organized dataset that provides large amounts of interior designs to support related studies. Motivated by the observation, we release 3D Furnished Rooms with layOuts and semaNTics (3D-FRONT): a large-scale repository specific to interior layouts. 3D-FRONT contains 10,000 houses (or apartments) and ~70,000 rooms with layout information. Furthermore, 3D-FRONT provides verified exquisite interior designs for ~30,000 rooms. The involved furniture shapes are publicly available in 3D-FUTURE.


Alibaba will continously enlarge the benchmark by providing more annotations and adding new features (e.g., sharing the professional designs) to serve for 3D acadamic studies.

Exquisite interior design, complete 3D house layout

3D-FRONT provides 10,000 house layouts verified by experienced designers, including the types and location of rooms in the entire house. There are ~70,000 rooms, where ~30,000 rooms are with exquisite interior designs using the models from 3D-FUTURE. We believe that the complete house layouts in the 3D-FRONT will potentially facilitate the research on 3D scene understanding, especially for aesthetically inspired studies.


The 3D-FRONT benchmark is provided by Alibaba Topping Homestyler, and organized by Alibaba Tao Technology Department. If you would like to download the 3D-FRONT data, please send the 3D-FRONT Terms of Use to us at 3dfront@list.alibaba-inc.com as an attachment with your name, PI's name, and affiliation. Once we receive the email, it means you agree the terms and conditions. If you have not received a response within a week, it is likely that your email is bouncing - please check this before sending repeat requests. Please check the news for updates to the data release.


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We share the dataset in advance to facilitate related 3D gemotery and vision studies. We will make our 3D-FRONT report be avalibale online later. If you use our dataset or code, please also cite our 3D-FUTURE report:

        title={3D-FUTURE: 3D Furniture shape with TextURE},
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