• Introduction of Tianchi

The rapid development of cloud computing heralds that we are marching towards the data technology (DT) era whose focus is on activating the productivity from the control-oriented IT era. It's a technology upgrade and a tremendous reform in ideology as well. Storing data on the cloud platform symbolizes that the DT era is really coming.

Alibaba Group officially launched the Tianchi Big Data Crowd Intelligence Platform in 2014, which opens its big data (data from Alibaba and third parties) and distributed computing resources to the academics based on Aliyun’s ODPS, aiming at building a leading platform of "crowd intelligence and crowd innovation".

"Tianchi" services include: Big Data Competition, Data Lab, Curriculum Cooperation, and Data Talents Certification. Here everyone can enjoy big data and explore new models of crowd innovation.

• Big Data Competition

Tianchi Big Data Competition is a high-end algorithm competition for global researchers. It provides participants the opportunity to solve various social and business problems with big data generated from real-world scenarios and the Tianchi distributed computing resources. Particularly excellent solutions will have the opportunity to directly go live on e-commerce websites under Alibaba (including Taobao, Tmall etc.) or platforms of third-party partners to serve hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

In 2015, Tianchi Big Data Competition will be fully upgraded to the Golden League, which includes data mining competitions in three different scenarios. The League will combine independent and league competition systems, simulate the mobile e-commerce, Internet finance, big data marketing and other real-world business scenarios to detonate the power of the new generation.

• Data Lab

What is the use of big data? Here you have the final say. No computing platform? We provide it to you. Tianchi Data Lab has accumulated massive business data and will provide distributed computing resources, only to broaden the boundaries of science and technology and ignite the entrepreneurial dream.

• Yunqi Lab

an easy-to-use cloud platform provided by Alibaba Cloud. With one-click deployment of experiment environments and detailed manuals, it allows quick experiencing of cloud computing, big data, AI and other cloud service experiments. It helps users quickly improve their ability to use cloud services.

• Curriculum Cooperation

We join hands with universities and research institutes to conduct courses related to data mining/machine learning to promote the cultivation of data talents, tap the potential reserve of data and computing power, accelerate the integration of production, learning and researches. Tianchi provides data sets, distributed computing resources, specialized knowledge and documentations related to computing platforms. Teachers and students use the data sets and computing resources via online cloud computing platforms to fulfill their day-to-day teaching requirements. It enables the students to have practical operations and applications while acquiring the theoretical knowledge.

• Data Talents Certification

The data talents certification is a professional personnel certification system for Tianchi members. The higher the member’s tier is, the more rights he/she can enjoy. The certification standards are based on the accumulated points gained by participating in competitions, joining in the Data Lab, etc. Rules:

Less than or equals to 500 point with real-name verification
More than 500 points
At least 2 Top 10% in public competitions (the base is the quantity of teams on the leaderboard at the end of the competition)
At least 3 Top 3 in public competitions
At least 3 Top 1 in public competitions + presentation to Tianchi Committee

Note: Rights corresponding to data professional personnel of different certification tiers will be further improved. Tianchi reserves all the rights for any change in the rules.