Robust Reading for Multi-Type Web Images

ICPR (International Conference on Pattern Recognition)2018 will be an international forum for discussions on recent advances in the fields of Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning and Computer Vision, and on applications of these technologies in various fields. There are three tasks of the ICPR 2018 Competition under the topic of robust reading for multi-type web images. The registration, submission, evaluation and awarding processes of the three tasks are completely independent.


Total Bonus Pool: 100,000 RMB
Sponsored trip to the ICPR 2018 conference for the winners.


1.The competition is open to the public, but employees of Alibaba Group who are involved in or related to the Competition Committee should not participate.

2.Contestants may form a team of 1 to 8 members to participate.

3.Any cheating behavior will lead to disqualification, which include but is not limited to: false information of registration, submission of results from manual annotation and submission with multi-accounts for one task.

4.The dataset of this challenge is from e-commerce real scenario, processed and labeled based on professional guidance, and reviewed by ocr experts. The dataset provided by the Alibaba Group can only be used for this challenge and its related research activities. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Any breaches to the rules which cause loss to the Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud and/or other related parties will result in the participant and his/her affiliation bearing full responsibility for any damage or loss.

Important Dates
  • February 10, 2018: registration open
  • March 15, 2018: training data available
  • May 14, 2018: testing data available and submission open
  • 10:00 UTC+8 on May 17, May 21 and May 23, 2018: three times evaluation and leaderboard update
  • 10:00 UTC+8, May 23, 2018: registration close, report submission open for Top 10 teams
  • May 26, 2018: report submission deadline
  • June 1, 2018: results announcement
  • August 20-24, 2018: the awards ceremony on ICPR 2018

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Duguang is an OCR cloud product built by the Vision and Beauty team of Alibaba Group. Over the years, we have been integrating the frontier technology and industry experience, and developing the technological architecture that can be applied to multiple industrial applications, forming a complete technical system of image detection, recognition and understanding. Relying on this, Duguang plays an important role in the field of picture management, search, and intelligent audit within the Alibaba group. Duguang cloud products present high-quality and efficient recognition services, including document images, network pictures, form pictures and card pictures. The professional OCR solutions have been provided for the government, justice, finance and other related industries.
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